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"I may not be the person you think I am."

Hi I'm Jamine Misa. Dang Tuong Mai♥ July 7, 2011. 1995. San Jose, ca. I'm weird :). Dance. Try not to get to know me through my blog.

"Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be."

I Love to dance w/ the Hungry fam.

Anonymous said: girlaaaa you're so beautiful inside and outside

So are you :)

Anonymous said: im so confused. me and my ex have been together for 4 years and we broke up. i ended it. we're still friends because i still want him in my life and i still love him but the thought of him dating someone new really scares me. do you think i should tell him that i want him back? thank you! have a nice day! <3

well.. If I was in your position I would want him to know about what I’m feeling. If he doesn’t feel the same way the way I feel about him, then I can’t be friends with that person until I’ve actually “let go.” If I still want him to be part of my life, I would say I’d give myself years to recover. Four years is a long time, maybe you guys would work things out. It’s hard to start over, but it doesn’t hurt to try. best luck to you!

Have a nice day to you too :)

"I’ve come to realize that the best tattoos are the ones you don’t plan much, because then you will have to give meaning in to it, in which hopefully, it will start to grow on you and become a part of you one day. It’s like finding an old clothing that your parents have. It’s all about the value you have put into it that make it so much more special than any others."

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Anonymous said: U and ur bf are cute I hope u guys da best.. but why cant I stop thinkin how beautiful you are?

Aw thank you ^0^

Anonymous said: me n my boyfriend look up to u nd Dan a lot ever since the day we got together :] i just want to let u guys know that.

WOW, Thank you. This means a lot. 

mkhm said: you are not ugly at all, youre gorgeous (:

You’re too sweet :) <3 You’re gorgeous as well!
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said: how long is your hair?

It used to be 23-24 inches long down my butt. I’ve recently donated my hair at LOCKSOFLOVE.ORG It was dead a little but it’s usable. I really miss my long hair but at least it’s a nice feeling knowing I’ve helped at least one person. It’s just hair, it’ll grow.

For now, I’ve been wearing hair extensions.
It’s annoying but I miss my long hair. LOL 

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said: Omg you are beyond beautiful!!

Thank you :) So are you anonymous.

Have a nice day!